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FORM Smart Swim Goggles



Welcome to the future of swimming where the FORM Smart Swim Goggles transport you into a whole new realm of aquatic exploration! Dive into a revolutionary world where the perfect marriage of augmented reality and cutting-edge machine learning delivers a swim experience like never before. With these innovative goggles, real-time essential swim data empowers you to refine your technique and unleash the swimmer in you. The transparent AR display flaunts nine crucial swim metrics from distance to stroke rate right before your eyes, be it in the pool or out in open waters.

But hold on, the adventure doesn't end there! Once you emerge from your aquatic escapade, plunge into the FORM App for a comprehensive post-swim analysis. Uncover your performance insights and areas ready for a boost. But wait, there's more! Flaunt your victories effortlessly by syncing your swim data with popular fitness platforms like Strava. For those eager to take their swim game up a notch, the Premium Features offer an exclusive one-year free trial. Dive into a treasure trove of over 1,500 workouts and 30+ training plans, all with step-by-step instructions beamed straight to your goggles. And to make things even more thrilling, bring your existing workouts from TrainingPeaks into the FORM app and access them through your goggles.

The FORM Smart Swim Goggles are a powerhouse of modern technology. Leverage automatic stroke detection and tracking while you focus on your swim without any button pressing. The in-goggle sensors outperform traditional sports watches, delivering precise data for your convenience. Whatâ's better? Tailor your swim experience with customizable display metrics. With your transparent AR display projecting real-time data, your workouts, plans, and completed swims sync seamlessly to the app via Bluetooth. Never miss a beat, the 16-hour battery life promises an uninterrupted swim session. Elevate your open water experience by pairing the goggles with Garmin and Apple watches. Comfort and precision are the key; the interchangeable nose bridges and leak-free silicone eye seals provide the perfect fit. Wear it on either eye and wear your prescriptions up to -3 with ease.

Durability is the name of the game the mirrored lenses are perfect for indoor and outdoor swims. What's more? Your package includes a ventilated carry case, magnetic charging cable, and a mounting clip for a heart rate sensor (Polar Verity Sense and OH1/OH1+ sold separately). The FORM Smart Swim Goggles herald the future of swimming a comprehensive journey to fine-tune your skills and track your progress. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of swimming excellence today!

Product Features:

See 9 real-time metrics like distance, time and stroke rate
Accurately track pool and open water swims
Get detailed swim analysis in your FORM app
Automatically share to Strava and other fitness apps
See-through AR display projects your metrics in real-time
Automatic stroke detection and tracking, no buttons to push. Just swim and let the goggles do the rest
In-goggle sensors - more precise than sport watches
Customizable display metrics
Automatic syncing - workouts, plans and completed swims auto-sync to the app via Bluetooth
16-hour battery life
Heart rate tracking with a compatible Polar Verity Sense and OH1/OH1+ (sold separately)
Seamlessly shares your swims to Strava, TrainingPeaks and more
Pairs with Garmin and Apple watches for enhanced open water swims
Interchangeable nose bridges for the perfect fit (XS-XL)
Leak-free silicone eye seals
Replaceable eye seals and head strap
Display can be worn on left or right eye
Display is visible for most customers with prescriptions up to -3
Mirrored lenses for indoor and outdoor use
Industry-leading anti-fog coating
HeadCoach - in-goggle visual coaching coupled with comprehensive in-app analysis and educational resources
1500+ workouts with instructions in your goggles
45+ training plans covering a variety of tri distances and technique areas
TrainingPeaks integration, import your workouts
Workout builder, create your own workouts


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